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Journalling the Bible one chapter at a time.

November 2021 UPDATE! We have traveled nearly 3/4 of the entire Bible and most who started are still on the journey. Sooner than we realize all of the Bible will have been journaled. 

We will be starting Bible Reflections 7 at the end of December so don't wait, join now.

For those who are new where did this begin?


In 2018, we began a program of Bible reading which took us through every chapter in the Bible. For most, it was a challenge to read multiple chapters a day. There wasn’t always time to consider everything that you might have been reading.


The Bible reading challenge was like taking a flight over the United States. You get to see a lot but not really up close. It was as it were an overview of the Bible. There were times when you may have been bogged down reading what felt like the 10,000 verses in the Levitical law. I hope you persevered and can now celebrate completing the challenge of reading the Bible in a year.

Bible Reflections was a Bible reading and journaling program. The Bible reading covers a chapter a day for 6 days a week for 50 weeks of the year. Yes, it is taking longer than a year to complete but if you're faithful when we are done you will have read and studied the entire Bible. Instead of flying over the Bible, we will be taking a road trip so we can see the sights. 

Let's say you can't keep up and only get half of it done. You will still have journaled half of the entire Bible, which in itself is amazing.


The blog


contains my unedited thoughts if you want to read them there. I recommend the journal but you could just use a yellow legal pad.


Once we complete this road trip, you will have made notes on every chapter in the Bible which will be good reference material or something that your kids or grandkids may study in the future.


 If you want a print copy you can get them on Amazon. When completed you will have more knowledge of the Bible than many a Bible College graduate for less than $100 if you buy all 8 books. When we start a new book they will be available at the church at cost  (print and delivery) which has been around $5 for the paperback. 

If you decide not to study the Bible this way, use what works best for you.


Before Bible Study, on Wednesday there will be time to discuss what, we have read the previous week. 

Pastor Charles Areson